Introducing the Breath of Life,
a choking rescue device.

Be prepared just in case and enjoy your peace of mind knowing your choking rescue device is close by because it’s small enough to fit inside your glove compartment, diaper bag, purse, first-aid kit, cupboard, or wherever you decide!

Saving a choking victim's life has never been simpler

Just a sec

It only takes 240 seconds before oxygen deprivation from choking starts to rob life. We know choking isn't your top concern but IF it does happen, be ready without having to take emergency medical classes or buy a huge device you won't realistically have on hand wherever you are. It's one-handed easy to use, stores wherever you need it, and fits any sized person, so enjoy your eating time!

Be Prepared for a choking emergency and order the Breath of Life Choking Rescue Device

Use with one hand

Fits any size person

Compact for convenient storage

Simple to use

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